Team Statistics (2007-2008 Phil. Cup Elimination Round)

On: 22 January 2008

Team Statistics
Games Played18
3-Point FG30.6
2-Point FG46.5
FT %64.4
Oh my, how things have changed.

The Sta. Lucia Realtors were the third -worst team in the PBA last season. They lost 28 of 46 games in both the Fiesta and Philippine Cup and finished with one of the highest loss total in the team’s history. And then the copper turned to a silver lining when the Realtors landed at No. 3 in the 2007 PBA Draft.

Team Manager Buddy Encarnado and sophomore Coach Boyet Fernandez used that pick to acquire 6’2” point-guard Ryan Reyes over the other much bigger and highly-fancied players in the draft like JC Intal, Doug Kramer, Yousif Aljamal, Ken Bono and JR Quinahan, and then they pulled off one of the deals of the year, acquiring Joseph Yeo and a future draft pick from Coke for wingman Cesar Catli and forward Mark Isip. In just one month, the SLR Coaching staff completely reshaped their roster, which now features the best defensive team in the league.

Opponent's Statistics
Games Played18
3-Point FG25.7
2-Point FG39.9
FT %68.0

The Realtors are the no. 1 team in points allowed with only 89.72 points per game. They also lead the league in steals with 8.7 per game. They are the best in assists allowed with only 19.6 per game. They also force their opponents to commit the most turnovers with 22.8 per game.

The Realtors are also the most deliberate team on offense committing the least turnovers per game with only 15.9 per game.

Too many articles have attributed the winning ways of the team to the numbers of Reyes, Yeo, Kelly Williams, Nelbert Omolon and Dennis Espino. However, it cannot be denied that the bench has made things going as well.

Off the bench, the Realtors will have Paolo Mendoza, who can punish double-teaming defenses much more than Yeo, and Dennis Miranda, who maybe their best outside defender (averaging almost 2 steals per game). Veterans Marlou Aquino and Norman Gonzalez, together with rookie Dennis Daa are the primary bigs off the bench.

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