Post Game 7 Interview (04 March 2008)

On: 07 March 2008

Purefoods Tender Juicy Giants' coach, Ryan Gregorio, knows that the saying "There is Honor in Defeat" is always part of a coach's belief. However, after losing the all-important Game 7 of the just concluded PBA Small Phillipine Cup to the Sta. Lucia Realtors, he seemed to have forgotten the meaning of the words or has chosen to forget about it.

In this interview by, Gregorio keep on ranting that they were robbed of the victory and his words of "moving on" will continue to sound shallow, even to him. It is also obvious that he will continue to be bitter, to the extent of sounding like sour-graping.

"This is not yet a closed book," Gregorio stressed, two days after the Giants lost to the Realtors 88-100 at the Araneta Coliseum.

"Not to take any glitter away from their (Realtors') championship trophy, but this has been a confusing series, especially in the appreciation of calls," he added. "I've never been so critical of the league before, but now I have reasons to."

Gregorio keep on going back to the suspension of James Yap in Game 5 as an excuse for losing the series. Yap's flagrant foul-1 on the Realtors Joseph Yeo late in Game 3 was upgraded by Commissioner Sonny Barrios to an F2. Ironically, Yeo was also suspended on Game 5 after commiting a flagrant foul-2 on Noy castillo in Game 4.

"If James was not suspended, who knows?" Gregorio posed. "We could have won that game and Game 6, too, ending the series right there."

Gregorio refused to accept the fact that the PBA Commissioner has the power to upgrade a flagrant foul after he has finished reviewing a replay of the game. He also missed the very obvious that both teams have a complete line-up in Game 7, when the series was tied at 3-all.

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