There’s No ‘Sukob’ for Yeo, Williams

On: 17 April 2008

Photo courtesy of commoner of PinoyPCBy Beth Celis
Philippine Daily Inquirer, 17 April 2008

MANILA, Philippines—This year, two siblings in the champion Sta. Lucia Realty family are getting married. “Sukob,” they call it in Filipino, for real brothers who are trekking the aisle on the same year.

In this instance, however, we’re referring to cage brothers Joseph Yeo and Kelly Williams, who really don’t have to avoid getting married on the same year, even if they believe in the old superstition.

Joseph’s altar date with Angela Medalla at the Mary the Queen Parish in Greenhills, San Juan City, is on April 27, the day of the All-Star game in Bacolod, while Kelly will exchange “I do’s” with his Fil-Am sweetheart in Nebraska on June 7.

Nebraska is the hometown of Kelly’s fiancée Erica Waters, who is also a teacher like Joseph’s bride-to-be Angela.

Right after the championship last March, I remember Kelly going back to the United States in a huff to attend a government-required seminar of all couples who plan to marry.

Kelly missed all the post-championship festivities for Sta. Lucia because he had to be in the United States to prepare for his wedding.

* * *

Because the Williams-Waters nuptials will be held thousands of miles away and right smack in the crucial round of the ongoing PBA conference, it is doubtful that anyone from the Realtors team will be able to attend.

SLR governor/team manager Buddy Encarnado said the date could no longer be changed because plans have been made long, long ago.

Although he’ll be gone for a week for the wedding and the honeymoon, Kelly said he will miss only one SLR game.

His new bride will be with him when he returns to Manila.

* * *

Joseph, 24, met Angela at De la Salle University where he finished a course in mass media management. Even before they went steady, Joseph was already a very popular cager in the UAAP.

Joseph said there are three names in his wedding entourage that are very prominent in the basketball community: Exie Robles, owner of Sta. Lucia, Buddy Encarnado and De la Salle University team manager Terry Capistrano. All three are principal sponsors or “ninongs.”

As for Kelly, his wedding will neither require major nor minor sponsors since it will be a Christian wedding.

* * *

While he has a foothold on the 2008 MVP race, having been voted Best Player of the All-Filipino conference and still maintains the lead, Kelly said he is not paying much attention to this contest.

“It is not my focus. If it comes and I win, well and good. But my priority is the team,” said Kelly who has his eye on back-to-back championships.

So does Buddy, the owners, and from all indications, the rest of the team.

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