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On: 23 September 2008

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Looking for a place to discuss your favorite Sta. Lucia Realtors topics? Check out these message boards: Pinoy Exchange, NGETStudio, PBA Online and PBA Fanatics Online.

These sites are like a club, not only for SLR fans, but for the best Philipine Basketball Association (PBA) fans in the world. You can join all of them and create your own custom profile with your PBA content that expresses your love for the game and the teams. These are just some of the places online that helps connect PBA fans as they make new friends who share the same interests.

It is also a place where PBA fans get updates, argue with other fans, find fellow fans in Team Communities, post personal game recaps, discuss Fantasy strategy, and much more.

Let us discuss each of them and find out what advantage one has over the other or where to find something, PBA or SLR-related, that is unique only to one site.

Pinoy Exchange

This is the biggest online forum you can find that discusses almost eveything you can think of about the PBA and arguably the most comprehensive. This particular characteristic can be both a gift and a curse because a reader can get a first hand information about rumors of trades even before daily news report anything about it, but at the same time it does not prevent anybody from posting misleading trails. Posters can flood the forum with threads that raises the expectations of some fans who could end up utterly frustrated and vengeful. Frustration can lead to irritation, which could explain why some forumers posts insults, spams and fighting words to goad fans from other teams and so on and so forth like a vicious cycle. No wonder moderators find it hard to monitor and act on the hundreds of PBA-related posts on that site.

However, not all PBA posts in Pinoy Exchange are on the dark side. By being the biggest forum on this side of the planet with a good section devoted to PBA stuff, it attracts lots of interesting and respectable individuals who know much more than ordinary mortals about the intricacies of the PBA in particular and basketball in general. Posters like Jay Mercado, James Ty III and Jude Turcuato aka Kaboom, makes Pinoy Exchange the first option to take when it comes to weeding out relevant information from teams and the PBA management and put them into the general circulation. The three posters also provide interesting notes, analysis and even historical backgrounds about the teams, players, coaches and managers.

What sets Pinoy Exchange apart from the rest is that a poster can view almost anything and everything under the sun on this site. Complementing the PBA section are threads about the NBA, UAAP, NCAA, PBL and Liga Pilipinas. The poster can easily jump from one section to the other without logging off from the site. It simply offers a convenient way to discuss everything about the hoop nation.

By the way, before we forget, Solar Sports, the official PBA broadcast partner, has some special arrangement with Pinoy Exchange on how to manage both the PBA and NBA threads. It is, therefore, not suprising to see Kaboom regularly answering questions from posters since he is one of the executives of Solar Sports or to see Pinoy Exchange ads getting more exposure on Solar channels.

Aside from basketball, Pinoy Exchange also has sections dedicated to local politics, fashion trends and even showbiz rumors both here and abroad.


If Pinoy Exchange is just a forum where posters discussed PBA-related topics, NGETStudio gives the public much more than just a venue to air their stories. It provides a section that features team and player profiles as well as games schedule. The separate section makes the forum more organized and user-friendly.

Moreover, NGETStudio gives readers a brief summary on the latest PBA news from different major dailies with links. One can easily find the most recent article about their favorite teams, players, among others on this site instead of opening each and every online news available. I am sure they found a way to do this and has a special arrangement with the news companies, hence there is no need to fret about intellectual property issues in this case.

Early this year, NGETStudio also tried to give its readers real-time game score updates. However, since the the whole process of updating and uploading gets delayed by more than 10-15 minutes, it is more convenient to just ask some forumer watching the game at home and has access to the internet to just post the scores every 2 or 3 minutes. This is what some people do at Pinoy Exchange, which I find more efficient. The problem with this system is that sometimes when the forumer's team losses, they also lose interest in posting the final scores and leaves some poor souls hanging with excitement and stiff jaws.

Unlike Pinoy Exchange, NGETStudio's forum is much more sensible and dignified. Lacking interesting analysts such as Mercado, Ty and Turcuato, the forum more than made up for it by tapping team insiders like Than, Gov Pardo and Realtors-4Ever to give the posters an inside look at their favorite teams. Also, the forum has very strict rules and penalizes trollers and spammers by immediately suspending their accounts and terminating the service. Of course in does not prevent determined individuals from opening several accounts, but active monitoring and quick action from moderators will tire them out eventually.

Now, if the forum is off-limits to the negative aspect of posting, the comments section of the news articles is not. It is where you can find posters trading barbs with each other or insulting another player for kicking and running away from his opponent. It is a good way to balance the seemingly strictness of the forum and at the same time limit the exposure of low quality comments to only about 2-3 days until a new article pushes them back to the archives.

Because of the exclusivity of NGETStudio, accessibility of fly-by-night posters are limited and the general public who wants to just take a quick peek at the topics discussed cannot do so. This may be applicable at Pinoy Exchange, but at NGETStudio, one needs to open an account first before they can view or post anything.

PBA Online

Just like NETStudio, PBA online is a forum strictly devoted to PBA-related topics, which is quite obvious given the title. However, it takes providing information and statistics to a whole new level. It still gives out your usual team profile, player information and games schedule, but the beauty about PBA Online is that it also has an updated statistics, which are very important information that can be used to gauged how well or how poor a player or a team was in the last outing. A team scout will have a field day with those information and can save the team some money by not hiring anymore statisticians or data encoders.

The site also made a good use of the statistics they gathered to come up with an individual player's efficiency rating (PER). PER is an all encompassing basketball statistic where a player's per-minute productivity on the court is rated. PER is not the ultimate ranking on how well a player performs, but it is a good benchmark because it takes into account positive accomplishments, such as field goals, free throws, 3-pointers, assists, rebounds, blocks and steals, and negative ones, such as missed shots, turnovers and personal fouls. No other site mentioned above ever used PER like PBA Online does and this is what makes it unique and interesting site to visit regularly.

The forum is quiet uneventful and cannot compare to the quality of content, both negative and positive, offered by Pinoy Exchange and NGETStudio. It lacks a credible analysis about the game, teams and players due to the absence of renowned basketball experts participating in the forum itself. However, the moderators' determination to make the site more interesting and appealing is quiet admirable. They managed to utilized all available information within their reach and are very capable of controlling any sudden burst of emotion coming from the posters. If they can get some insider that can provide either an analysis or better updates, then they can be a good site to interact with other fans.

On hindsight, the moderators and posters of PBA online have a good knack of developing creative and artistic signatures compared to their counterparts in Pinoy Exchnage and NGETStudio.

PBA Fanatics Online

One of the latest addition to the growing number of online discussion forums about the PBA, PBA Fanatics Online still has a lot of catching up to do when it comes to providing a good venue for fans to get information, updates and interacting with other fans. It offers nothing new and only has a few categories so far, administration and forum rules, PBA teams and other leagues.

However, this early it shows some promises. Some of the active posters in NGETStudio can be found also in PBA Fanatics Online. Names such as Hngo, vice_realtor, scorpionSamurai, balot and vinzanity may be familiar with PBA forumers and posters by this time and these are the same people that makes the site something to look forward to in the future.

In summary, Pinoy Exchange is a good site for a no-holds bar discussion with minimal moderator intervention and interesting analysis coming from a few posters; NGETStudio is for those looking for a high-quality discussion and inside information; PBA Online is for those keen on comparing statistics and player performance based on PER and PBA Fanatics Online for those who wants a fresh start and tries to re-establish their niche.

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