2008 SLR Muse: Arianna Barouk

On: 07 October 2008

Arianna Barouk

According to Wikipedia, Sta. Lucia Realtors Muse in the 34th PBA opening, Ariana Barouk is a model and actress, who represented Cuba in the seventh edition of the environmentally oriented beauty pageant, Miss Earth 2007.

Miss Earth, which took place on 11 November 2007 at the University of the Philippines (UP) Theater in Quezon City, Philippines, was won by Jessica Trisko of Canada. As one of the contestants, Arianna was included in the a special tour in Nha Trang, Vietnam together with the other eighty-seven delegates. Even if she was considered as a strong favourite to win the crown, Arianna had to settle for the Miss Eco-Tourism special award.

Nevertheless, she earned the distinction of being the first Cuban representative in any international pageant, in 54 years. Cuba was last represented in Miss Universe in 1967 and in Miss World in 1975. However, unlike the previous delegates who participated by appointment, Arianna won the privilege of representing Cuba by winning the beauty pageant.

Arianna was born on 05 November in Hartford, Connecticut to Cuban immigrants. From Connecticut, they would later settle settled in Miami, Florida where she began her career at the age of three by participating in local and national beauty pageants.

Among the titles she won are Florida Golden Miss (1986), Pretty Baby Girl (1986), American Dream State Queen (1986), Imperial Miss State Talent, Pro-Model Photogenic and Beauty Queen (1986-88), Glamour Girl Overall Queen (1987), Beauty, Talent, Photo, Swimsuit, Costume Queen for Rainbow Beauty Pageant (1987), Sunburst Beauty and Photogenic Queen (1988), Dreams of America Beauty and Photogenic Queen (1988) Florida Golden Miss Photogenic and Beauty Queen (1988), Senorita Suave Bonita(1988), among others.

Also in 1988, Ariana participated in “Concurso de Nina Modelo” on Sabado Gigante (Univision) being the first child to win one thousand dollars, which resulted in recurring guest actor credit on Ninos Actores for 2 years.

By the age of 6, she was discovered by a Miami talent agent who suggested that she join show business. She had been into several talent agencies in Miami, such as Green and Green, Stellar, Michelle Pommier and Runways and was cast in theater, commercials, editorials, films and televisions shows.

She appeared in commercials such as Coca-Cola, Finesse, JC Penney, Wendy’s, Red Lobster, and Hi-C. She also appeared in films such as Cape Fear, Arrive Alive, and Miami Blues.

From 1989-1991 Ariana became a member of SAG (Screen Actors Guild). With her constant theatrical performances, Ariana was nominated for “Acuacions Descatadas-Teatro Infantil” in the 1990 ACCA awards. She appeared constantly in Nickelodeon and Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club, traveling back and forth from Miami to Orlando as a young model and actress.

By 1992, Ariana and her parents decided that she should become a full time student and focus on her academics rather than full-time work. Always having the “bug” for being an entertainer, she returned to the entertainment industry upon high school graduation.

Ariana graduated from La Salle High School in Coconut Grove, Miami, Florida. That summer she quickly embarked on the return to her much awaited career by taking photos and rejoining talent agencies. She landed principal credits for commercials such as Domino’s Pizza, Ritz Crackers, Commerce Bank, Sonic Drive-In, The Shop South Beach, etc. That same year Ariana became a featured dancer on the hit Univision dance show Caliente until 2005, which resulted in music videos with Gloria Estefan “Me voy”, Thalia “Amor a la Mexicana Remix”.

In 2002 she began voice training with Mario Martinelli and Nicolas Tovar.

In 2003 she became interested in production by working award shows such as Fox’s Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards, Premios lo Nuestro, Premios Juventud, Premios Fox Sports, Latin Grammy Awards, and Latin Billboards.

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