Importance of a Well-Conditioned Realtor

On: 03 October 2008

Sta. Lucia Realtors overseas

Endurance, strengthening, stretching and flexibility are all important parts of playing basketball. Close games are won late in the game often by the team with the best physical conditioning. When a player is tired, their shots come up short, they miss free-throws, their defense, hustle and rebounding suffer ... and these are the things that win games. These are things that Sta. Lucia Realtors wanted to achieve when they went to the US for about a week of rigorous conditioning.

A team like the Realtors that strive on full-court pressing and running defensive rotation, needs its players to be quick and in top physical condition to win against more talented teams. The Realtors need to push teams like San Miguel and Talk N' Text to their point of fatigue in order to break them.

It required a lot of hard work and it left many of the Realtors banged and bruised when they went home 2 weeks ago, but with better understanding of what is expected from them when the PBA opens its 34th Season on 04 October 2008. They are the defending champion of the Philippine Cup and they need to maintain the same aggressiveness in both the defensive and offensive end to retain that title.

The team's half-court trapping defense was instrumental in their campaign early this year and is still expected to be an important part of the team's defensive strategy this season. It take a lot of conditioning to trap, get back defensively and be an aggresor in offense at the same time.

The Realtors already know that there is a lot of potential for those turnovers forced by their trapping defense to generate a lot of points. This is what they were known for in the all-filipino conference and this is what they are good at, especially with Dennis Miranda and Ryan Reyes at the back court. The two are among the top five league leaders in steals last season.

They will never be a run-and-gun basketball team like the Ginebra Kings. That is not the kind of style they have under coach Boyet Fernandez. However, they do have some young guys that can use that to their advantage like reigning MVP Kelly Williams. Some nights, fans should expect the team to score probably between 90 and 110. But there will be some games where they have to grind it out and the scores will be in the vicinity of 70 or 80. Hopefully, the Realtors will be able to do both, and do them really well.

Preparing for that kind of play is among the reasons why the SLR management has placed a heavy emphasis on conditioning when they went to the Middle East and later to the US.

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