Is Something Wrong with the Realtors?

On: 21 November 2008

SLR's Defense

The Sta. Lucia Realtors are now 6-4. Their defense is still stifling their opponents and forcing them to turn the ball over 22 times.

However, the Realtors are not as dominant as they were last season when they won their first ever All-Filipino crown.

The Realtors are scoring just 86.9 points per game, a far cry from the 94.7 points per game last season. That means they are down by almost 8 points every game, which in the long run will make a difference in the win column. More importantly their percentage from the 2-point area significantly went down from 46.5 percent last season to only 34.6 percent.

The Realtors have shown that they are hungry for another title, but the path to the semifinals does not end with intensity. The team needs to improve its perimeter scoring and re-establish its post threat inside the paint.

So, what is wrong with the SLR? Simply put, the offense has taken a step back almost everywhere.

The problem starts with the Realtors' inability to take care of the ball. SLR commits 18.2 turnovers a game as compared to only 15.9 turnovers last season. An additional 2 turnovers per game equates to possible additional points for the opponent to convert.

To make matters worse, the Realtors are not passing the ball as often as before. They average only 17.7 assists per game, down from 19.6 last season. Their average steals and blocks are also down to 7.2 and 2.3, respectively, from 8.7 and 3.6 during the 2007-2008 Philippine Cup.

Rebounding is not really an issue because the Realtors are not really the greatest rebounding team. They average only 48.6 rebounds per ball game, the same as last season. Free throw and 3-point field goal percentages are not an issue either, as SLR's average has not really significantly change from what it was before.

So, other than the turnovers, the problems clearly come from ball distribution, defense anticipation and shot selection in the paint.

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