Realtors Match With the Beermen

On: 17 March 2009


After 4 games in the reinforced conference of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA), there's nothing else that is really going to come close to this.

Sta. Lucia Realtors close game with the Ginebra San Miguel last 11 March 2009 compares in a way, but everyone know what the Gin Kings are all about. The heavy reliance on their import, Rod Nealy, the squad's underrated defense, and their fans motivation are just some of the familiar characteristics of Ginebra's game. The outcome of that match was in question initially, no doubt about that, but many already had a good idea entering into the second half just how things were going to shake out.

With the San Miguel Beermen, nobody can give a concrete idea. The Beermen has completely different set of offense in their previous 4 victorious games, while sustaining that defensive edge. These two factors alone make them the overall favorite. The team is on their way toward putting together a record-setting season in terms of point differential, which any PBA brainiac from Quinito Henson on down will tell the public is the best way of determining who is better, and who is best.

This team is first in offensive efficiency, and first in defensive efficiency. The Realtors did that, once. During the 2007-2008 all Filipino conference, which they eventually won. And that's it. One might not think the Beermen as the best team in the league, but anyone who tells another that any team has played better than San Miguel this conference just doesn't know what they're on about.

But the Beermen has also had an easier schedule than most, and the team is still working in an offense that hasn't been tested much because of injuries to Jay Washington, Danny Seigle, Danny Ildefonso, Lordy Tugade and Marc Pingris. When things get tough, will they revert to their old ways? Will they toss the ball to Gabe Freeman some 35 feet away from the basket, and ask him to go 1-on-5? Everyone has a strategy until they get hit, and the Realtors likes to hit, so what happens when the strategy takes a hit?

The Beermen could romp, they could roll over, or everyone could get a classic. Nobody has a clear idea. Yes, it is a Thursday night game, 19 March, which will be aired late at night on Solar Sports, but everyone should pay attention to this match-up.

The Realtors wants to make a colossal statement in that game because they know that a victory likely will hurt the Beermen's morale as much as it will help SLR's cause. Not only are the Beermen more fancied in paper, they have the ability to exploit the Realtors lack of rebounding skills. The two resident centers, Marlou Aquino and Dennis Espino, averaged a combined 6.25 rebounds in their previous 4 games. Only Kelly Williams (10.8 rebounds) and their import, Anthony Johnson (17.8 rebounds) are consistently in double figures in rebounds. A victory, therefore, will be considered a great upset for the Realtors.

Considering the way the Realtors are playing so far, the coaching staff expects the Beermen to rotate a big man to trap Aquino and Johnson on the perimeter. Thus, it is imperative for the team to make that one extra interior pass to their own open man around the basket to offset SMB's trapping defense. It means more movement on the part of Williams, Nelbert Omolon and Joseph Yeo.

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