The Repetitive Realtors

On: 06 April 2009

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The reason why the Sta. Lucia Realtors (SLR) does not have a large fan base compared to Ginebra San Miguel, Purefoods and San Miguel Beer is that many find their players and type of play dull, repetitive or tedious. In short, they find the team boring.

Aside from this, consider the following:
  • For the past two seasons this team has limited their opponents to less than 90 points per game because of their defense.

  • The teams winning point differential this conference has ranged from 5.0 to 10.0 points.

  • In each season, the locals of the team have been led in scoring by the exact same trio (this is the really repetitive or boring aspect of this team). The trio consists of Kelly Williams, Dennis Espino, and Joseph Yeo.

  • During the 2008-2009 All-Filipino Conference, the average points per game of every Realtor not named Williams, Espino, and Yeo ranged from 3.3 to 10.1.
In sum, the Realtors are becoming quite repetitive. And for someone who is not particularly a fan of this team, such repetition seems kind of boring.

In this import-laced conference, the production trend appears headed to another direction as the scoring average of everyone not named Williams, Espino, and Yeo are increasing. Consequently, the team’s performance improved a bit.

With Anthony Johnson leading the charge for the Realtors, the local scoring is led by Williams and Marlou Aquino and the productivity of Espino and Yeo dropped off a bit.

Part of this decline is associated with a drop-off in minutes played by Espino due to the sickness he suffered before the conference started, Yeo has also taken the backseat after Reyes has shown that he has fully recovered from the back injury he sufered last conference. If these three two players played the same number of minutes as last season, they would be on pace to produce almost the same numbers since their per-minute productivity this conference did not change much. In sum, the change in minutes explains about one-half of the decline in the total production of Espino and Yeo.

The decline in the productivity of Espino and Yeo could be the primary primary reason why this team's average winning margin is only 3.3 points this conference compared to the 5.0 points differential when they won the all-Filipino title in 2008. In the previous conference where they failed to defend their title, the difference is negative 1.1 during the elimination round.

As the conference progresses it is possible that both Espino and Yeo will return to form. If this happens, the Realtors winning differential will increase. This might be good enough for the Realtors to solidify their status as one of the league's elite teams and qualify for an automatic spot in the semi-finals. It is still uncertain if they can overtake the San Miguel Beermen at the top of the heat with 6-0 record, but it is possible. They are currently totting a 5-2 win-loss record, tied with Rain or Shine Elastopainters at second spot.

This is pretty much the same thing that the other sports analyst observed from the Realtors. The team will always be led in scoring by their import and the local trio of Williams, Espino and Yeo. However, with the emergence of another scoring option by the name of Marlou Aquino, the Realtors may have a good chance of capturing a second title in two years. In sum, Aquino may help stop the repetitive execution of the Realtors.

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