Realtors Must Rely on Solid Defense

On: 22 May 2009

Realtors' Defense

The Realtors have played inconsistently. Some would even say they played without heart. It took them 4 games to get just one win without Kelly Williams. That may be excusable, but that doesn’t mean they should just roll over and die when they face either the Coca-Cola Tigers or the Alaska Aces in a do-or-die game. The Realtors still has some talents who can deliver. Although untested, these talents may have to be utilized soon or they will just have to kiss their chances goodbye in the PBA Fiesta Conference.

The Realtors blew one of their chances to secure one of the top spots in the ranking by losing their game against the Tigers. It was an intense game from the first canto, but without Williams in their fold, they were severely overpowered down low. They played catch-up in the entire game and almost pulled a come from behind win, but got winded in the end.

Against the Aces, the Realtors also had a tough game even with Williams. They had an effective defensive rotation focus on import Rosell Ellis and had a good match against the back-court of the Aces. Marlou Aquino also played superbly with 18 points, 4 assists, 4 rebounds and 3 blocked shots. His numbers dipped a couple of games after that, but with their depleted line-up, he may need to put up the same numbers if they want to stand a chance against the resurgent Aces.

A large part of the Realtors’ success during the first half of the elimination round can be attributed to their very active rotation defensively against the opposing team’s key players. Ryan Reyes chased Willie Miller, Jay-Jay Helterbrand and even James Yap all over the floor. Williams shadowed the opposing import down low with Aquino waiting in the blind side for a possible help defense.

Williams is a formidable defended for a small forward because of his impressive athletic abilities, but his shot selection is questionable. He only shoots 43.67 percent from the 2-point region and a pathetic 16.67 percent from the rainbow territory. Aquino, on the other hand, has become a potent offensive threat by shooting 52.56 percent from the floor, but is not exactly known for his lockdown defense against a more agile player. These two will be very crucial in defending the shaded lane.

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