Japeth Formally Joins Draft

On: 24 July 2009

Japeth Aguilar and Commissioner Sonny BarriosBy Nelson Beltran
Philippine Star, 24 July 2009

Japeth Aguilar, the towering former Ateneo player who is expected to be the next dominant big man in Philippine basketball, has decided to join the coming PBA draft.

Aguilar, 22, formalized his draft application yesterday after playing five games with Powerade Team Pilipinas – a selection of PBA stars – in the ongoing Jones Cup competition here.

He left his application papers in a sealed envelope in Manila before joining the Nationals in their trip here. He told PBA officials here it’s now an official application after deciding with finality that he’s making himself available for the draft set on 2 August in Market! Market! in Taguig.

"It’s a family decision. It’s for my future. We’ve thought it’s better for me to join the PBA now," said Japeth, son of former national and pro player Peter.

"My parents have thought I would be better off here than in the (United) States. We felt I would earn more in the PBA with my salary there and possible endorsements," said Aguilar.

PBA commissioner Sonny Barrios welcomed Aguilar’s decision.

"The PBA family welcomes Japeth Aguilar to the premier basketball league of the country. I am confident he will be an asset not only to his team but also to the PBA while he showcases his basketball talent and skills," said Barrios.

"I wish him all the best as I join all PBA fans eagerly waiting for his debut in the games this coming October," Barrios added.

Aguilar is expected to become the league’s first homegrown player drafted No. 1 overall in the PBA since Yancy de Ocampo in 2002. And he could well be the league’s next Ramon Fernandez or Alvin Patrimonio.

"For sure, he will become a PBA superstar," said RP team coach Yeng Guiao of Aguilar who averages 8.4 points, 7.2 rebounds and 1.6 shot blocks here.

Guiao said he’s been assured by Burger King governor and team manager Lito Alvarez that they will keep their rights on the No. 1 pick and they will use it on Aguilar.

Aguilar, however, admitted that another team is interested in enlisting him, giving an option of having a mother club in the PBA and playing for RP Smart Gilas during PBA off-season.

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