SMART-GILAS Games Have No Bearing

On: 30 October 2009


Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) commissioner Sonny Barrios informed the Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas (SBP) Thursday that the league has decided to render no-bearing all games of the Smart-Gilas national team, which is participating in the ongoing 2009-10 KFC PBA Philippine Cup as a guest team.

In his letter to Noli Eala, SBP executive director, Barrios said the decision will better serve the purpose of Smart Gilas in its bid to make the 2012 London Olympics.

"We are convinced that it is in everyone’s best interest if both teams go into the game with the same mindset that the game has no bearing. Both Smart Gilas and the PBA opposing team, and their players, will thus be on equal footing as far as their outlook and approach of the game are concerned," Barrios said.

That means the results of the games played by Burger King, Talk N’ Text and Barangay Ginebra against Smart Gilas prior to the passing of the new directive are considered nullified and will not reflect in their win-loss record.

Apparently, the decision to bench CJ Giles for most part of the game between Smart Gilas and Talk N’ Text last October 21, 2009 prompted the PBA Board of Governors to revisit the guidelines set for Smart-Gilas’ participation. Talk N’ Text won that game by a blowout, 103-70.

Barrios said the Board directed him to choose only between two options: 1) for Smart Gilas games to have no bearing even on PBA teams, and 2) for Smart Gilas not to play CJ Giles in any of its remaining games that will have a bearing on the PBA teams.

Since the main objective of Smart Gilas’ participation as a guest team is to help the Nationals prepare for upcoming international tournaments, Barrios leaned toward rendering the games of Smart Gilas no bearing instead of barring Giles from playing.

"We recognize that CJ Giles is a very vital part of the national team, the reason why he is considered as a candidate for naturalization as a Filipino citizen.

"He is seen as the ‘good big man’ the country sorely lacks to be able to compete with the powerhouse teams in Asia today. It will not help the team’s cause any if Giles is not allowed to play with the team," Barrios explained.

The present situation where the results count only for PBA teams has, apparently, also become a cause for concern for PBA coach and players alike.

"Some players have pointed out that the different treatment almost always means a difference in the level of intensity that may give rise to physical play and unwanted incidents," Barrios said.

Barrios also took into account the observation of Barangay Guinebra coach Jong Uichico, himself a former national mentor.

Following Ginebra’s 100-72 win against Smart Gilas, Uichico was quoted in the papers as saying: "It is unfortunate that the PBA teams play the National Team always looking to win."

The coach of the National Team to the 2002 Busan Games added that “the best way to help the RP team is to take away the ‘we have to win’ attitude and give the PBA teams the opportunity to simulate the patterns of the teams the Nationals will be facing in the international arena.”

Barrios dispelled concerns by the SBP that the PBA teams would not take the games seriously now that they have no bearing.

"Just like you assured us that Smart-Gilas will be prepared to play every game competitively and passionately, we also guarantee that our PBA teams will give the Nationals the competition they need to toughen up for the bigger hardcourt wars ahead."

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