Facing the Uncertain

On: 09 February 2010

Nelbert Omolon

When the Fiesta Conference starts, most of the public's attention will be devoted to figuring out who has paraded the most explosive import on its roster. But there's another prominent side-issue that will attract a lot of interest from the league and this is about who among the key players has changed teams.

Nelbert Omolon had the Sta. Lucia Realtors contending in the semis in the last two years. However, his inconsistent performance was one of the reasons being considered as a factor that led to the early ouster of the team from the on-going Philippine Cup Conference. This led many sources to say they wouldn't be surprised if the athletic shooting forward leaves the team that molded him, specifically to sign with one of the top three teams.

The Realtors perch at the bottom half of the standings in the 2010 Philippine Cup would like to keep the prolific albeit inconsistent player for another year or two, but rival team executives think it is wise to entertain trade offers at this time while Omolon is still at the prime of his career.

With Omolon, do-everything forward Kelly Williams, All-Star guard Ryan Reyes and sixth man candidate Joseph Yeo, the Realtors have assembled their youngest and explosive team since barging into the pro-league in 1993 with Vegel Meneses and Zandro Limpot playing in their prime.

One of the reasons why the Realtors are often overlooked is that their franchise players has little interest in the spotlight. They turned down numerous marketing opportunities and was overshadowed by bigger stars of popular teams. The same thing can be said about Omolon, who averaged about 9.4 points and 5.2 rebounds per game in the on-going Philippine Cup.

He enjoyed playing under the radar and does not grab too much attention. But he just play the game the right way and kind of go about his own business.

But Omolon also is one of the game's most proven scorers. Letting him walk would be a big risk for the Realtors. Unless, they can get a quality big man in return that can combine talents with Williams and Marlou Aquino to create the most potent frontline in the league.

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