Interview with Ryan Reyes (11 February 2008)

On: 15 February 2010

Ryan Reyes

This interview was made by last 11 February 2008 and posted in YouTube.

Sta. Lucia Realtors' sensational rookie, Ryan Reyes, discussed how he feels after they won their series against Alaska. He was also excited to play in the Finals series against the Purefoods Tender Juicy Giants, the Realtors' third in Franchise history.

He also describe the Realtors as a defensive running team and this is how they will continue to play in the Finals series. Reyes predicted that this will be a very physical game and even if the Realtors are composed mostly of rookies and second-year veterans, they have already proven that they have the character to win a series after 7 long emotional games against the Aces in the Semis.

Reyes also thinks that he will most probably be guarding either James Yap or Peter June Simon, but between the two, he prefers guarding Yap more since he considered it as a bigger challenge.

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