Lamest Reason to Close a Lopsided Trade

On: 13 May 2010

Reyes to Williams

The Talk 'N Text Tropang Texters reportedly acquired former MVP, Kelly Williams, former rookie of the year, Ryan Reyes, and Charles Waters from the Sta. Lucia Realtors. The Realtors in turn got the services of aging Ali Peek and Nic Belasco, Pong Escobal all from the Texters as well as Yousif Aljamal and Ogie Menor from the Barako Bull.

The trade ended weeks of speculation and completed a nine-player, three-team trade deal, which is considered the biggest this season. Aside from Mark Isip, the Energy Coffee Masters also received a future pick. Charles Waters was also transferred from SLR to TNT.

Williams and Reyes, both played for the PBA-backed national team to the FIBA Asia Championship in separate occasions, were rumored to be going to the Tropang Texters as a diverting route to the Smart-Gilas Pilipinas developmental squad.

After trading all important members of its 2008 All-Filipino squad, the Realtors latest move is not at all surprising. In a season to forget up to this point they have decided it is time to blow things up and maximize their two most tradable assets. Williams is having a career year, but because he is receiving the maximum salary, the team does not feel confident in their ability pay him regularly.

That's when the Tropang Texters, who have never had any trouble paying anyone, became the most attractive trading partner. The Manny Pangilinan-owned team were willing to send them under-performing, slightly expensive and definitely aging Peek and Belasco. They did not even loose any of their starting five players in securing the services of one of the most sought-after duo. But in this deal the Realtors get players that they could decide to hold onto for another year or until they decide to sell their franchise.

This deal has to rank up there in the PBA record books as one of the best that the Tropang Texters have ever pulled off and the most stupid if not lopsided that the Realtors agreed to. The benefits the Tropang Texters receive in this deal are clear. The benefits for the Realtors .... nothing.

One thing clearly emerged from this trade though. All Realtors fans are not dumb enough to believe Manager Buddy Encarnado's reason that they are doing this "because of a higher calling and that is to represent the national team." Maybe they can also put this in the record books as one of the lamest reasons for trading potential franchise players.

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