Sakers are Champs

On: 03 September 2007

The Final score was 76-72 in favor of the LG Sakers of Korea, but the see-saw battle was intense since the game started to the delight of the mostly-Filipino crowd.

The final outcome was not decided until the last 5 seconds when Anthony Johnson failed to convert on a set play designed for him by the Realtors. The biggest lead in the ball game was 8 points, enjoyed by Sakers in the third quarter. However, Johnson and Nelbert Omolon conspired to bring that lead to a manageable 64-62 with seven minutes left in the fourth.

The game showed the contrasting style of the two teams. the Sakers relied on their three-point shooting while the Realtors pushed their set plays to stay on the game. The Sakers was able to sink 12 shots from the beyond the arc, which came mainly from Seung Min Kim and Park Jihyon. The Realtors can only manage to sink in three from that area.

The Sakers win broke the Filipinos dominance of the tournament, where the PBA All-Stars won it twice in a row.

Even if the Realtors had already beaten the Sakers in their elimination match-up, oddsmakers in Brunei gave the Koreans the edge mainly because of their two imports and their high-percentage from the three-point area. Also, the Realtors had to bucked the injuries on Johnson and Ryan Reyes. The physical and aggresive game against the Darwin All-Stars the day before also took its toll on the stamina of the Realtors. The Sakers, on the other hand, was never threatened in their semi-finals match against the Singapore Slingers.

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