Solar Sports and ABS-CBN for PBA Rights

On: 11 April 2008

Solar Sports vs ABS-CBN

It was reported today in the Philippine Star that Solar Sports and ABS-CBN will be the next TV coveror of the Philippine Basketball Association.

The PBA board of governors is now studying the two networks’ bid presentations, hoping to come up with a decision on which outfit to award its exclusive TV rights in its next meeting.

The PBA games will be televised over Studio 23 if ABS-CBN wins the rights to air the game. Solar Sports, on the other hand, offers RPN-9 as the PBA TV carrier if it ends up the winning bidder.

ABC-5, the PBA’s TV partner the last five years, has opted not to join the process, sending PBA board chairman Tony Chua a letter yesterday, informing the league that it is not submitting a bid.

Network top official Bobby Barreiro met their key people in ABC-5 Sports Wednesday night also informing them of the decision not to seek extension of their contract with the PBA which expires at the end of the current season.

“Why make a bid when we know they’ve long been having meetings with ABS-CBN?” said another ABC-5 top official.

“ABC-5 talents were advised not to feel sorry because the network will launch new shows. Employes were also given reprieve that they can look for another job, and it will not be taken against them. Everyone was urged to work hard even more up to the end of the contract. That’s the kind of a partner the PBA is losing,” the same network official said.

Solar Sports, which has been covering practically all sports in the land, local or foreign, including the recent fights of Filipino ring idol Manny Pacquiao, made its presentation only last week.

ABS-CBN, which also carries the UAAP and NCAA games on Studio 23, presented its bid earlier. IBC-13 and NBN-4 aren’t expected to make a bid since they had been the PBA’s TV partners before, leaving with huge debts to the league.

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