K-Will Should Try Pacing

On: 15 March 2010

Kelly Williams

For better and for worse.

Though Kelly Williams has enjoyed a fantastic first conference so far and SLR fans loved the way the the Realtors has hung around the top four teams in the elimination round of the 2009-2010 Philippine Cup, they are badly underachieving offensively. This is the main reason why they failed to get pass the Wildcard Phase and advance to the quarterfinals.

That's the 'for worse,' and it is not new to everyone that the Realtors cannot win a championship by playing exactly this way. Why they would want to, nobody really knows. Draft positioning maybe.

It hurts to even talk about it, but another reason why they want to play the way they did is because K-Will needlessly trying to dominate games offensively. It involves him playing the hero late, which he's done tremendously in several games before, but this year, it caused problems to the team offensively.

Take the case of the 18 games K-Will played during the elimination round in the last conference. He averaged 17.3 points per game, but if you take 16 shots every outing , he sure as hell better score at least 17.3 points. How would Realtors fans like it if Marlou Aquino or Gabby Espinas had a game that saw them take 16 shots to score 17.3 points since they both have at least a shooting percentage of 50.0 from the shaded area? Everyone from the water boys to TV analysts will ride them out of the dugout, chanting something rude like, 'bwakaw' or 'buwaya' the whole trip out.

Even National Basketball Association (NBA) superstars are not attempting these many shots per game, unless they really are in the zone like Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade or Lebron James.

Percentage-wise, Williams' 'volume shooting' accounts for 20.1 percent of all the shots taken by the whole team. There's no shame in that, it's just he could only manage to sink 37.5 percent of those shots. He fared terribly beyond the arc, where his shooting percentage is pathetically mind-boggling - 16.4 percent.

So this is why the Realtors will find it hard to win the any games beyond the elimination round. Missing 8 of 16 shots in two non-consecutive games can be considered a fluke. A blip. Something harmless to look back once the reinforced-conference starts. However, if it happens consistently for Williams, then the Realtors need to stop it.

In more ways than one.

Williams needs to take it easy. He is to be lauded to no end for his stamina and conditioning last conference and for his astounding dominance in rebounding the ball. But he is not to be lauded nor tolerated for playing at times beyond the three-point area and with a level of intelligence that is beneath him.

There is no reason a player like Williams, on a team that only lacks a formidable center, should be averaging 16 shots per game. That's over a shot more per game during the 2008-2009 season. While some may argue that it is insignificant considering that he is the team's go-to guy, it really is important. To say nothing of the fact that his shooting percentages the previous season from the rainbow arc is 23.7 percent.

The minutes are also up from 37.7 per game to 40.1 minutes, which means that Williams really needs to back off. He has to. For a team like the Realtors - even with a shallow bench, the coaching staff needs to partition the scoring load. There's no excuse for putting somebody like Chito Jaime on the floor and produce only 2 points per game. It all boils down to execution and decision-making.

Decision-making needs to be the point-guard's forte. He translate the drawn play on the floor. And if players like Chris Pacana got burned on defense as much as he does, then he has to stop calling his own number for long two-pointers early in the shot clock.

The execution? This burden should be weigh on coach Boyet Fernandez. The Realtors comes out of timeouts and runs a screen-and-roll set instead of the triple post, the ultimate teach-a-man-to-fish/give-a-man-a-fish situation. Coach Fernandez has been giving this team the fish for three years now. They did win the 2007-2008 year, but they could have won some more if the offense is more fluid like their defense.

Good thing going for the Realtors is that even they are not playing as well as they should on offense, this can still be corrected when their resident reinforcement, Anthony Johnson, joins the team in their bid to win another crown.

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