More Lopsided Trade from SLR

On: 18 March 2010

Joseph Yeo-Bonbon Custodio

Buddy Encarnado, the amiable manager of the Sta. Lucia Realtors, would like to have the fans think that a Joseph Yeo-Bonbon Custodio is not a lopsided trade. Instead, it has something to do with cap space and salaries. Suddenly, they want to turn this into some kind of technical term.

Sorry folks, but if there was one lopsided trade this year, definitely this is one of them. If the numbers are not clear, it's like this: SLR will be giving away a player whose average last conference is 13.6 points, 3.8 rebounds and 3.8 assists per game for somebody who spends most of his time in the bench and manages to produce 4.0 points, 1.9 rebounds and 2.1 assists per outing.

In short, when a team gives one of its best scorers for a piece of almost NOTHING, it's lopsided.

Yeo has a significant impact for the Realtors and is posting good efficient numbers for a 'sixth man,' which he relish according to its definition. His style fits the SLR game play and needs only the consistency of Willie Miller to reach another level. He is also considerably young and provides extra juice of energy for the team. And during the All-Filipinos Final series two years ago, he showed everyone why he was chosen number three overall in the draft by helping the Realtors top the Purefoods Giants in 7 grueling games.

SLR will get Custodio in the trade, who is a decent player hounded by game-fixing issues when he was still in the amateurs. Picked 8th overall by the Beermen in 2008, Custodio will give the Realtors a cheaper and smaller version of Samboy Lim minus the points production.

The Custodio/Ryan Reyes back court tandem is weird even if it is the least confusing thing about this whole situation. For one, the Realtors decided to pass of Jeff Chan in the 2008 draft to get overrated Kelvin Gregorio. They thought that a cheaper bigman can fetch them more in the market until he got injured.

Then there's the question of what the Realtors are thinking. Okay, so Yeo just signed a maximum deal for three years and is not getting younger. But giving all these for somebody nobody is sure can fill in his shoes? And all of these because the team is in dire financial situation? They could have asked unabashedly for more than that like a 'future draft pick' if they ever heard of one.

The Realtors may have been able to save from the Yeo-Custodio deal, but if they don't use that savings to acquire a more serviceable free agent, then they will have to kiss their championship aspirations for several years a wet goodbye.

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